Batman: The Complete Series Trailer Looks Amazing


The 1960s Batman TV series has been remastered and is being released in its entirety later this year. The nerds of the world are rejoicing. Or at least I am.

Look how gorgeous it looks! It looks like they’ve done an amazing job with the remaster. Only time will tell for sure of course but come November (JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS) it looks like there’s a Blu-Ray I’ll be buying. Or maybe an iTunes download, anyway. It depends how he special features shake out. No word what those will be just yet but that’s because Adam West, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar will be doing a panel at San Diego Comic Con to announce them. As if I wasn’t upset enough about missing out on Comic Con. Ugh.

When any more pertinent details come up, and/or when this is up for pre-order, we’ll let you know.