Watch This: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Featurette Featuring Drax As A Character You Want To See

Guardians of the Galaxy / Dave Bautista

It’s only one joke, but it’s enough to sell me on the idea that the film isn’t going to just be the Rocket & Groot Show.

Seriously. I don’t normally like watching these things before the movie but much of the buzz around the movie has been Rocket and Groot centric. This makes a lot of sense when you consider which characters are the most merchandisable (and Disney is all about the merch) so it’s nice to see that the one character who hasn’t had a lot to do in the trailer so far may actually be great too. That is to say it’s great that all the characters look like they’ll be engaging, fun, and funny. That’s a good thing. Dave Bautista may end up breaking big with this and that’s a good thing too. He hasn’t done much but he guy has great presence on screen and he could end up being the next great wrestler-turned-actor.

1st August can’t come soon enough.