Huh: Jupiter Ascending Pushed to February 2015

Jupiter Ascending

She’s still ascending, just not until next year.

Instead of 18th July Jupiter Ascending will now release on 6th February 2015, which is the same weekend that The Lego Movie released on this year.

The news comes from Variety which reports that the Wachowskis need more time to complete the huge number of effects shots on the film. No word on whether that means they need more render time or if they need to reshoot parts of the movie or what, if news comes up we’ll let you know.

The good news is that February isn’t necessarily the place movies go to die anymore. Summer is traditionally when you want to release a big budget spectacle like this but this year The Lego Movie was out early and made all the money, and Captain America was out in early April and also made all the money. Both of these happen to be great movies, but they also ran basically uncontested in their release window, something summer movies don’t have luxury of.

I’m looking forward to this one so I’m sad to see it get pushed back however if that’s what they need to finish the movie they set out to make then that’s what it takes.