Hercules Trailer: The Rock vs. The Monsters


Dwayne Johnson as the mythological hero as directed by Brett Ratner. What could go wrong? Let’s watch!

It’s pretty clear that Ratner’s trademark style is in full effect here. That is to say that the film looks like it might look pretty but that doesn’t appear to be able to save it from how dumb it looks.

I don’t always need action movies to be high art or anything but jesus. “I only want to be a husband and a father.” Why do I get the feeling we are only going to hear that and not actually see it? Also, I really like Dwayne Johnson, but the trailer makes it look like he’s not very good in this. It’s a little uneven but the “I! AM! HERCULES!” yell really rings terrible to me.

Still, the monsters look like they might be fun and Ian McShane is always fun, and there’s no way it can be worse than the other Hercules movie that came out this year.

25th July is the release date for Hercules so we’ll find out how good or bad it is then.