Guardians of the Galaxy UK Trailer: More Story, Less Classic Rock

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is out in just over a month so it’s time for marketing to kick into overdrive. Here’s the latest trailer from the UK which has a slightly more traditional, for lack of a better word, trailer feel to it.

It’s clear to everyone that Rocket and Groot are going to be the stars of this show, right? Rocket in particular looks amazing to me and Bradley Cooper is the perfect choice for his voice. Marvel has done a really good job with casting (Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, etc) and it looks like they’ve made all kinds of right choices for Guardians too. Groot’s one line but said many ways thing is the type of gag that can go sideways pretty quick but I’m confident it’ll work.

I’m pretty excited about Star Lords back story too. I get that his story is a “I just want to get home in act 1 / I realize I am home in act III” lost hero type story but I’m kind of fine with that. It’s the type of story that is great when told well and James Gunn is a good story-teller.

I’m also pretty excited to see the Nova Corps, and Glenn Close and John C. Reilly have some memorable banter. It’s gotta happen right?

Guardians of the Galaxy is out 1st August. Rest assured we’ll get more marketing between now and then.