Expendables 3 Trailer: A Bit Insane. Hopefully.

The Expendables 2

The third expendables film finally has a real trailer which gives us a better look at what’s going on in the film. Let’s watch!

Well. That’s certainly something. The problem with the first Expendables movie was that it took itself way to seriously. The second film fixed that by embracing how over the top the whole idea is and running with it. This looks like it’ll be more in the vein of the second film, which is good, but I’m really worried that there is going to be way too many “old men don’t get technology” jokes.

Still, say what you will about the guy but I really like Mel Gibson when he’s allowed to be a little nuts. The trailer doesn’t show a lot of that, but here’s hoping.

Also, bringing on the young guys to do some crazy stunts? Not a bad thing. Maybe Kellan Lutz will be likeable in this movie. There’s a first time for everything!

The Expendables 3 is directed by Patrick Hughes and is out 15th August.