Community Will Get A Sixth Season Thanks To Yahoo! No Word Yet On A Movie


Yahoo! Screen has acquired the rights to make a sixth season on the day that the actors contracts would have expired. Now onto the pressing question: what the hell is Yahoo! Screen?

Here’s the confirming tweet from Yahoo:

And from Dan Harmon:

So this is good news! Dan Harmon is obviously back as are at least some of the key production staff. This will be a big deal for Yahoo Screen too. The former YouTube competitor and seemingly now Netflix and YouTube competitor will have some enticing original content to get people watching.

No word on when this will all happen but the production budgets are apparently also unaffected. That is to say that they won’t be cheaping out just because they’re online. Sony remains the production studio and NBC will also be staying around as a co-producer. So basically everyone is happy. Yahoo is happy, Community fans are happy, NBC is happy, Sony is happy, actors are happy. Everyone is happy. Hooray!

We’ll keep you up to date as there’s more news.

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