Buy This: Cosmos Is Now Available On DVD

Cosmos / Neil deGrasse Tyson

The new series of Cosmos, spearheaded by Seth McFarlane of all people as part of his deal with fox to keep making TV and movies, just ended its run on Sunday and is already available on Blu-Ray. You should totally get yourself a copy because it’s amazing.

We live in an age when it feels like every story about education how disengaged we are, particularly in the USA but certainly not limited to there, with learning. Cosmos could be the answer to that because it presents science exactly the way it is: fucking fascinating. If you have children you need to buy this and make them watch it. If you like science you need to buy this and watch it. If you’ve ever wondered about just about anything, you should probably buy this and watch it.

So here is a link to buy yourself the set on Amazon. Buy it, watch it, and help us keep the lights on (and you’ll learn about electricity in the series, too).

Oddly enough the series isn’t available on iTunes yet. Those of us who prefer digital downloads to physical media will have to wait. I’ll update this post when i notice it’s become available.

Thanks and have yourself a great day.