‘About Alex’ Trailer + Poster: Totally Not A ‘Big Chill’ Remake

About Alex

A group of college friends go on a weekend getaway to keep an eye on their friend Alex who has just attempted suicide. So it’s totally not a remake of The Big Chill because in The Big Chill Alex succeeded in killing himself (and yes, the suicidal characters have the same name). So it’s not a remake, it’s more of a reimagining.

Aaaaaand Aubrey Plaza even says “this is just like one of those 80s movies!” right before the trailer declares it “The Big Chill for millenials.” Heaven forbid they, I dunno, watch The Big Chill.

To be fair this does look good. Heartfelt and sweet and Aubrey Plaza and Max Greenfield both stretching their acting muscles a little more than their sitcoms would normally let them but I wonder if the movie will be able to get out of the shadow of the 80s movie it’s at least been inspired by.

Here’s the poster.

About Alex

About Alex is out 8th August in theatres and VOD in the US. I don’t know for sure but probably later up here in Canada (because that happens a lot).