Zack Snyder Teases The New Batmobile.

Superman + Batman

Zack Snyder tweets an image of a car under a tarp which looks a lot like it might be a Batmobile. So it’s probably a Batmobile. Remember when _Man of Steel 2_ was going to be a Superman movie?

Here’s the tweet:

And here’s the image:

Man of Steel Batmobile

To be fair this looks pretty cool. A lot more sleek than the Tumbler from the nolan films, not quite so garish as the Schumacher films.

Still, this is just more of Warner Bros/DC doing their best to make sure we know that Batman is in the next Superman movie. In fact i can’t remember the last piece of Superman related news to do with the next Superman movie, which is kind of sad if you ask me.

The tweet basically says we’ll get a full image tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled for that.