Something for the Weekend: Minority Report

Minority Report

Do you enjoy movies that play with time? That deal with predestination paradoxes? Or causal loops? Or Tom Cruise running just as fast as he can? The next movie that features all of these things, Edge of Tomorrow, comes out in two weeks time. In the mean time why not check out the last movie that dealt with all of these things: Minority Report.

It’s weird to think that Minority Report is 12 years old as it still completely holds up. It’s one of director Steven Spielberg’s best efforts of the 2000s, combining real thought-provoking ideas with action scenes that will remind you that’s he’s pretty much the best at this.

You’ll also get a solid performance from Tom Cruise, one of Colin Farrell’s big shows from his first big year, and veteran Max Von Sydow chew up the scenery like it was candy (just like he hopefully will in Star Wars next year.

All in all a great movie to take in this weekend. Grab your copy from one of these links and help us keep the lights on.

Thanks and have yourself a great weekend!