Locke Trailer: Tom Hardy, A Car, A Welsh Accent


I love movies where the protagonist is stuck inside a single location – from Die Hard‘s Nakatomi skyskraper to Speed‘s bus and Phone Booth‘s…phone booth, the sense of bucking claustraphobia is not only a fantastic storytelling device but also allows the lead actor to really flail those acting skills (or, like Keanu, be…confused).

Well, now there’s a new one to add to the list (along with Ryan Reynolds’ Buried, which I still haven’t seen). Locke is movie that places (our friend) Tom Hardy in a car for ninety minutes…and that’s it. Whatever unfolds, it seems like him exiting from the car soon becomes less and less of a choice. Let’s take a took at the trailer.

Hardy’s a great actor – dodgy Welsh accent aside – so such an intense thriller could be amazing. It has a limited theatrical run at the moment (Vancouver times here) – so get to see it while you can.


(Thanks to Keith for the tip. Go read his review of Jodorowsky’s Dune)