Lego Batman 3 : Beyond Gotham Teaser Is Black, Or Maybe A Really Dark Grey

Lego Batman

The *Lego Batman* developers, Traveller’s Tales, have just released a teaser trailer for the third in the series, subtitled *Beyond Gotham*. I think they may have seen *The Lego Movie*. Let’s take a look!

As the title suggests, it will be the first in the series to leave the confines of Gotham City and explore the depths of space with the entire Justice League in tow. Apparently, you’ll not only be able to swap between the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman and The Flash, but also with the supervillians too in a combined attempt to stop a newly-deranged Brainiac. The best news so far is that Cyborg’s stealth suit will see him turn into a shuffling washing machine. That’s never going to get old.

However, as clearly as they are influenced by the version of Batman in *The Lego Movie* (with very good reason), it seems like they’ve missed a trick not getting Will Arnett to reprise his role and deliver more of the snarky, confident Batman that has become my favourite. The humour’s still there, though, so this could be a great game to take you over Christmas.