WolfCop Trailer + Poster: Half Man, Half Wolf, Half Cop


Canadian Made Horror Comedy! Grind house homage and/or parody! A wolf who is a cop!

This looks ridiculous but I can’t quite tell if it’s in the good way. Sometimes trailers for these things are amazing and the actual film is terrible, and sometimes the trailers are amazing and the film is amazing. So the only sure thing here is that the trailer is amazing, which this one is. It does feature more than the one joke that is the title and premise so that’s something, and it’s Canadian so that’s another thing. They also had a booth at [Fan Expo 2014](https://awesomefriday.ca/tag/fan-expo-vancouver-2014/) last weekend and seemed like pretty cool people. Regretting not asking for an interview now.

Here’s the poster which is also straight up grind house alley:


WolfCop is out 6th June in Canada and has yet to secure release in the USA or elsewhere. We’ll be there as it is our patriotic duty.