This Weekend: Fan Expo Vancouver 2014


It’s been a year since we spent [two]( [solid]( [days]( trekking around Vancouver Convention Centre admiring all the celebrities, cosplay and attractions of 2013’s Fan Expo Vancouver. Now [2014’s show]( is already just around the corner and looks bigger than ever, so dust off your Spidey suit and join us!

We’ll be out in full force over the three days that the Expo now covers, updating our [Twitter]( feed and the site constantly. We’ll have interviews and pictures and comments and terrible jokes with maybe even a little audio and video to show you, so stay turned for all the action as it happens. You might even get to see me giggle like a schooolboy when I meet [Morena Baccarin](

Also, if you can find us in the melee, come say hi and we’ll display you on here in all your costumed glory.

It all starts on Friday afternoon, so see you there!