Something For The Weekend: The Original Lego Movie Script



Hey, remember in The Lego Movie how hero Emmett is a amazingly creative builder who lives across form his overbearing, controlling Mum (sorry, *Mom) who used to be a Master Builder? And how Indiana Jones tried to keep The Kragle from falling into the hands of antagonist Black Falcon and Lord Iamnotarobot? Well, Chris Miller and Phil Lord’s finished version didn’t quite turn out that way, but what we almost got is still deliciously funny in its own right. Read on!

It’s often really interesting to read early drafts of movies you enjoyed, just to see how they evolved and (often) improved. However, The Lego Movie‘s first draft – while a little bloated and lacking the definition of character from the finished film – has a tonne of really interesting ideas and great funny moments. Exhibit A:


INDY That belongs to the Maker. It must be protected!

BLACK FALCON What a lame boyscout thing to say! You’re standing before the most powerful object in the world and you don’t want to use it? You’re a real nerd, Indiana Jones.

The BF motions and his guards carry the sarcophagus away.

INDY The MasterBuilders will learn of this.

BLACK FALCON And what do you know of them?

INDY Only that they will be your undoing.

BLACK FALCON Adieu, Dr. Jones. That’s French for ciao.

Exhibit B:

INT. MASTERBUILDERS SECRET HIDEOUT – DAY Art studio meets SuperFriends headquarters. Badasses are MEDITATING, including GEMINI, a mysterious cloaked figure, and KRAV M’GA, the boss. Indy bursts in.

PUSH IN dramatically:

INDY The Black Falcon has the Kragle.

PUSH IN dramatically:

KRAV M’GA Gemini. Find the Chosen One.

PUSH IN dramatically:


BOOM. Something big just landed outside. Indy looks at his foot. Attached is a blinking red brick. Oh no.

INDY They followed me…

KRAV M’GA (to Gemini) GO! NOW!

And that’s just from the first four pages! You can check out the whole thing on ScreenplayDB; it’s a real treat and has many great moments. The final movie is still one of my favourites from this year, and the prospect of a green-lit sequel has be salivating for more, so have a read of the script then pre-order The Lego Movie (using the handy affiliate links below. YAY! sorry!) to make everything awesome.

Have a great weekend!