The Raid 2 Trailer: Kill All The People

The Raid 2: Berendal

_The Raid_ was a crazy movie. _The Raid 2_ looks like it’s going to try to outdo crazy.

I think the only problem here is that I saw _The Raid_ without having seen any promos for it so it caught me completely by surprise. With _The Raid 2_ I have some idea what I am in for even if I don’t know the details of what I am in for.

That’s hopefully a fools worry though because this looks _awesome_ in a completely brutal way. If you read the buzz around the web the film actually lives up to the hype and then proceeds to deliver a roundhouse kick to the face throwing it off a building and into the path of a speeding train, so when the movies comes out I’ll be there.

The Raid 2 comes out 28th March in America and 11th April here in Canada.