Awesome: First Image of DC’s John Constantine Looks, Well, Like John Constantine


And that’s a good thing.

This image comes by way of, well, the internet. It’s basically everywhere by now because I haven’t had a chance to post all day.


So there it is, Matt Ryan as Constantine looks pretty much exactly right. Like, exactly. The series isn’t a series yet, apparently there is only a pilot order in place, but a good pilot leading to a good series would be a win here.

Hellblazer (which is what they should be calling it) will, if they adapt it right, will compete with shows like Supernatural (which features a character whose appearance is modelled on Constantine) in that there’ll be a lot of “monster of the week” episodes, and basically any creature from any culture will be available to do.

In fact, Supernatural is already a pretty good adaptation of Hellblazer, so in the mean time go watch that.