Jai Courtney Is The New Kyle Reese For Some Reason

Jai Courtney



After testing a handful of guys, Jai Courtney has been tapped to play Kyle Reese in Paramount and Skydance’s “Terminator” reboot.

Emilia Clarke is on board to play Sarah Connor and Jason Clarke will play John Connor. Arnold Schwarzenegger will also return in his iconic role. Alan Taylor is directing.

Plot details have not been revealed, other than this is the first film in a stand alone trilogy.

I’ve seen three movies featuring this guy. Live Free or Die Hard, Jack Reacher, and I, Frankenstein. Of the three he was best in Jack Reacher and that’s because he had precious little dialogue.

I don’t know who decided this guy gets to be in movies but they were wrong. The movie has two other good actors and a good director so hopefully it’s not awful but this news isn’t heartening. Was he good on TV? Is there any hope here?