Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer: Hooked on a Feeling

Guardians of the Galaxy

And that feeling is “batshit crazy”. I was looking forward to this movie already but this trailer means i’m now legitimately excited. Let’s watch!

First impressions, I love the sense of humour, I really hope they do a good job with Starlords backstory but I do like how it really does feel like his character is well established, Rocket Raccoon and Groot look amazing, Zoe Saldana and Dave Bautista look great, I really wish we’d got to hear something that either Groot or Rocket Raccoon said, and (finally) I’m so glad it doesn’t look completely cheap like the post credits tease at the end of _Thor: The Dark World_ did.

Now the question is: “_which infinity stone is going to turn up in this one?_”

1st August suddenly seems a long way away.