Watch This: Companion Short Film to Gravity


Gravity is [one of the better cinema going experiences we’ve had this year]( There’s one pivotal scene in which Sandra Bullock’s character makes radio contact with the ground but rather than Houston as she’d hoped it’s with someone who doesn’t speak English on a short wave radio.

Now you can see the other side of that conversation. If you haven’t seen the film you may want to wait however this doesn’t spoil the plot of Gravity at all.

Jonas Cuaron is Alfonso Cuaron’s brother and co-wrote the screenplay for _Gravity_. This nice little piece was filmed in Greenland for $100,000 and it’s kinda gorgeous.

According to [The Hollywood Reporter]( while it was meant as a DVD extra initially it’s now been released and submitted for Oscar consideration in the short film category.

I don’t think that Gravity will end up winning best picture but imagine how cool it would be if it did and this also won best short film?