These Might Be The Titles for the Superman vs. Batman Movie

Superman + Batman

We’re all wondering what _Man of Steel 2_, otherwise knows as _Superman vs. Batman_ on the web and _Warner Brothers Cynically Adds Batman To Superman Movies_ here at Awesome Friday HQ, is actually going to be called. We can now add a whole much of fuel to the speculation fire as Warner Brothers has registered a boat load of terrible domains.

Here is the list thanks to [Fussible](

* Man of Steel Battle the Knight
* Man of Steel Beyond Darkness
* Man of Steel Black of Knight
* Man of Steel Darkness Falls
* Man of Steel Knight Falls
* Man of Steel Shadow of the Night
* Man of Steel The Blackest Hour
* Man of Steel The Darkness Within

They also registered versions of all of these without the “Man of Steel” at the start, though I’d expect them to keep that because they want to keep the movies tied together a little more closely.

But yeah, these are all pretty awful to me. Then again I’m [not a fan of this whole mess]( so maybe I just can’t like them.

I get that they are wanting to stick with the _Man of Steel_ branding, but _Superman vs. Batman_ is what everyone is going to call this movie anyway so why not just call it that? Or why not just call it what they really want to call it: _Man of Steel vs. The Dark Knight_. That way they can bolster their new Superman brand while simultaneously cashing in on their most popular and profitable Batman brand.


_Man of Steel 2: The Dark Knight Cash In_ is set for release in July 2015. I guess we’ll find out if it’s any good then.