The Lego Movie Character Posters!

The Lego Movie
In case you can’t tell from [the trailers]( The Lego Movie is shaping up to be pretty great. Here now are some characters sheets to give us a better look at our.. uh.. characters. Dammit.

Lego Movie Lord Business

Lego Movie Benny

Lego Movie Vitruvius

Lego Movie Wyldstyle

Lego Movie Batman

Lego Movie Emmet

Not much to go on here really, just highlighting where each character came from. I love that they seem to have tapped all areas of Lego and even have gone so far as to license basically all the characters for the film that they have for Lego itself. Furthermore the casting is pretty much perfect. Will Arnett as Batman? Why hasn’t that happened before??

The Lego Movie debuts on 7th February 2014 and I, for one, cannot wait.