Something For The Weekend: Rayman Fiesta Run (iOS, Android)


It’s not often a mobile game will mesmorise me more than a console title, but Rayman Jungle Run was one such game. Arriving last year hot on the heels of the excellent franchise reinvention that was Rayman Origins, RJR transposed the beautiful platforming into a mobile variant that removed the command to run and just let you concentrate on jumping and collecting all the pesky glowing Lums. It was a beautiful and thoroughly addictive distraction.

Which is why the arrival of Rayman Fiesta Run made me so excited, and it turns out it was in good cause. The new version doesn’t stray too far from RJR, but instead adds elements for far more natural progression and replay. All of this is framed by a delicious Mexican theme that will have you licking your lips and tapping your feet. Each level turns into something closer to Sonic The Hedgehog, the need to replay and learn the best route becoming more vital as the game unfolds. At just $3, it’s an absolute steal.

So make your weekend a little bit brighter and dive in to Rayman’s insane world. Here are some lovely affiliate links for you, which provide us with shiny gold pennies if you use them. And who doesn’t love shiny gold pennies? Not us, that’s for sure.