Sony Takes Us Back Through Thirteen Glorious Years Of PlayStation


With the imminent release of the PlayStation 4 fast approaching and the focus of gamers shifting to the oncoming battle with the Xbox One, Sony has taken the opportunity to remind us of how we all fell in love in the first place.

Constantly panning around a bedroom, it uses the same cast of young beautiful people to go right from 1995’s first PlayStation, through the 2 and 3, then introducing us to 4. For anyone like me, it’s basically a journey into an extremely personal, wonderful past. Take a look:

[I may not totally be on board with cutting-edge gaming at the moment]( – it’s no coincidence that my warm fuzzy feelings during that commercial fade through the PlayStation 3 section – but I’ll always be totally indebted to all the beautiful experiences that the PlayStation machines have given me over the years.

However, as great as this commercial is, it’ll never beat my personal favourite, entitled *Double Life*: