Out Of The Furnace Second Trailer + Poster: It’s Definitely Awards Season

Out of the Furnace

The [first _Out of the Furnace_ trailer](https://awesomefriday.ca/2013/07/out-of-the-furnace-trailer/) made sure you knew everyone that’s in it and that they are all great actors. The second trailer make sure you know that as well as the set up of the “hardworking everyman sets out to find his messed up younger brother” storyline. Let’s watch!

Ok, seriously, this is going to be up for all the awards, right? I’ve been waiting a while for Scott Cooper to make another movie (his last was _Crazy Heart_, which if you haven’t seen yet you should go see) and this looks like it might be another great one.

Here’s the new poster as well:

Out of the Furnace

Out of the Furnace hits theatres on 6th December.

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