Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Trailer + Poster Look Nothing Like Jack Ryan But Maybe That’s OK

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

I kind of missed this one last week but there’s a reboot of the Jack Ryan franchise, created by [recently deceased autho Tom Clancy](https://awesomefriday.ca/2013/10/not-awesome-tom-clancy-has-passed-away/). The books have been brought to the screen a bunch of times and Jack Ryan has been played by a bunch of actors. This time around it’s Chris Pine and it appears to a) not really resemble Jack Ryan and b) look like it might be fun anyway. Let’s watch!

In the novels Jack Ryan is an ex-marine turned stock broker turned history professor turned CIA analyst who eventually goes on to be and intelligence director, national security advisor and even president in later books. Those books play fast and loose with the world, including wars with China and Japan, Baltimore being nuked, and the financial collapse of the USA and a bunch of other weirdness. They’re kind of great in their own special _WTF_ way.

This movie reportedly updates Jacks soldier background to Afghanistan, makes him have a horrible battlefield experience instead of a training accident that takes him out of action, and then also trains him to be James Bond.

You know what though? I’m kinda fine with all that. The movie is full of good actors and looks fun and sometimes that all I really want out of going to the movies.

Oh, and there’s a poster too:

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Jack Ryan is back on the big screens on Christmas Day.