CZ12 Proves Jackie Chan Is Still Insane

CZ12 Jackie Chan

Remember all the awesome-because-they-were-batshit-crazy movies that Jackie Chan used to churn out? He’s made a new one!

Just feast your eyes on that. I’m sure it’s an awful movie with wonderful, ridiculous action just like it’s direct predecessors _Armour of God_ and _Armour of God II: Operation Condor_ (oh yeah, this is a sequel to them, did I mention that?) but also all his amazing 1980s/1990s movies (_Rumble In The Bronx_ anyone? _Who Am I?_ anyone?).

So yeah, it looks stupid, but that’s not why you go see a Jackie Chan movie is it? You go to see the man nearly die riding a roller suit through the entire Chinese army, kicking ass all the way, and then jumping it from a sewer pipe to a net hanging from a helicopter over a canyon without any safety equipment. Boom.

18th October this one comes out. I’ll see you there.