A Simpsons Character Will Die This Year

The Simpsons

So this is a thing that is happening.

[Sun News](http://www.sunnewsnetwork.ca/sunnews/entertainment/archives/2013/09/20130928-084628.html):

> For The Simpsons, the 21st century began with the death of Maud Flanders. Now after 14 years, the producers intend to kill off another regular character.

> Executive producer Al Jean admitted as much in a recent phone conference with the press, promoting Sunday’s 25th season debut of The Simpsons.

> “I’ll give you a clue that the actor playing the character won an Emmy for playing that character, but I won’t say who it is,” Jean said cagily.

Whether you think The Simpsons is any good anymore you have to admit that the show is pretty impressive. There have been 531 episode over 24 seasons so far, it is the longst running sitcom and the longest running prime time scripted series in American history. It’s spawned a movie, games, comics, albums, and anything else you can probably think of that a TV show could spawn.

However, not a lot of people I know watch it anymore, and the sentiment among many people my age is that it’s simply not good anymore. I don’t really agree with that (my take is more that the show has evolved despite still being smart and funny isn’t smart and funny about things I’m that interested in anymore), but the fact remains that it’s not exactly the most talked about thing on TV anymore (unless you could when you’re talking about things that have been on a long time).

So this year someone is going to die. I can’t quite tell if it’s a bold move or a desperate one, but I’ll probably check it out. I mean, I gotta know who it is!

Oh, and a quick bit of internet research shows that the characters that actors have won Emmy’s for playing are:

* Bart
* Homer
* Marge
* Lisa
* Ms. Krabappel
* Apu
* Sideshow Bob
* Moe
* Grandpa
* Barney
* Krusty
* Carl
* Chief Wiggum
* Comic Book Guy
* Duffman

So who do you think it’ll be? I can’t see it being a core family member, but there’d be some good storytelling if it were Grandpa. It would be interesting to see Lenny without Carl. And for some reason I can’t shake the feeling it might be Mrs. Krabappel. No idea why.

What do you guys think?