True Detective Trailer: The Next Show We’re All Gonna Watch

True Detective

_Posting will be slow this week as I am on holiday._

HBO has a new show starting in 2014 in which Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson track a serial killer over a number of years. Yes, it looks as good as it sounds judging by this trailer.

Let’s watch!

This trailer gives us basically nothing of the story, but I like how it gives us a bunch of character detail. Namely that Harrelson is the conflicted one and McConaughey is “I know I’m a bad guy but I try to do good” one, and more importantly that the course of this investigation is going to seriously mess them up, particularly McConaughey.

This is exciting to me because both men are great actors and let’s face it, HBO rarely makes anything less than a great show.

True Detective will premiere in 2014. Here’s [the official website]( for you to glean whatever info you can from it.