Something for the Weekend: Breaking Bad: The Complete Series

Breaking Bad Complete

The final episode of Breaking Bad airs this coming Sunday. It’ll be the end of an era, but thanks to the magic of home media it’s an era you can relive. And just look how you can relive it. The entire series blu-ray box set comes in a barrel. How awesome is that? You get a boat load of special features but also a Los Pollos Hermanos apron. If you could get the apron separately I”d list just that, too.

This set is pretty bad ass so you should probably click the link below to preorder yours. Full disclaimer: Yes this is an affiliate link so if you buy we get a cut. That cut helps us keep the site going though so, you know, please do that.

And just in case you’d rather buy the series digitally instead of the awesome barrel, here are the deluxe versions on iTunes: