Site Updates! New Writers, New Column and Now On Tumblr!

Awesome Friday!

Good morning dear readers! This is just a quick post to bring you up to speed on some recent changes here at Awesome Friday HQ!

### We Have New Writers!

Yes, that’s right, new writers!

First up is Steve. Steve is heading up our UK Office and we’re looking forward to seeing what he comes up with. You can see [all of Steve’s writing here](

We’re also joined by Heather who will be recapping and discussing episodes of the hit animated TV series _The Legend of Korra_, and anything else she finds awesome. You can [follow Heather’s writing here](

### Something for the Weekends

You may have already seen the first of these posts. Yes, they are advertising. It’s the only advertising we’re going to do for now. The site costs money to run and we’d like to offset that at least in part.

Basically we’re going to recommend things and then give you links to purchase those things from various web stores. If you’re using an adblocker we’d like to ask you to turn it off, but power to you if you don’t want to.

These aren’t targeted ads, unless you count we thinking things are awesome as targeting, and while they are currently our only advertising they aren’t _only_ advertising: we’re going to be recommending things that we think are awesome.

### Holy Social Media Batman

We’ve been on [Facebook]( and [Twitter]( for a while now, ***and now you can follow us on Tumblr at []( as well***. We’ve had bunch of activity in the few days it’s been active so we’re excited to see where that takes us.

You’re probably already aware of our personal twitter accounts but in case you aren’t here they are again:

* Matthew is [@posterboy81](
* Simon is [@ManBitesWonders](

### That’s All For Now!

That’s all we have to update you on right now. We’re going to keep refining things as we go, and of course keep telling you about awesome things. Meanwhile relax and enjoy your flight!