Kill Your Darlings Trailer + Poster: Daniel Radcliffe Acting. Who Knew?!

Kill Your Darlings

Everyone is watching Daniel Radcliffe these days because it’s his next few films that are really going to determine if he has a career worth paying attention to moving forward. He already did a ghost story and here he is playing Alan Ginsberg. Let’s take a look.

I’m pretty on board with this. I like Radcliffe to be honest and I do really hope to see him succeed. If he keeps making interesting choices and stretching his abilities I’m positive that he’ll be doing good work for a long time to come.

Hell, if Johnny Depp can can make it out of 21 Jump Street then Radcliffe can make it out of Hogwarts.

It doesn’t exactly hurt that the supporting cast in this is a pretty spectacular array of talent. Dane DeHaan is a brilliant young actor and Michael C. Hall, though he doesn’t take enough film roles, is great also. Throw in some up and comers like Elizabeth Olsen and Ben Foster and you have a recipe for something great.

We’ll find out on 18th October.

Kill Your Darlings