Homefront Trailer: Jason Statham vs. James Franco As Written By Sylvester Stallone.


Jason Statham makes a certain type of movie usually. The one where he’s a hero and fights against a total douchebag bad guy and wins the day. That’s what Homefront appears to be, and in this case the douchebag meth dealing bad guy is James Franco and the movie was written by Sylvester Stallone. This one is gonna be special.

To my eyes this is headed in exactly the right direction to land squarely in “so bad it’s good” territory. It’s like a perfect storm. Jason Statham (still with English accent) as the All American Former Cop Dad and James Franco, the oscar nominated art house hero as the southern meth cooking douchebag? Come on man, that’s gold. Oh, and did I mention that Sylvester Stallone wrote it? What more do you need?

Homefront drops on 27th November and I, for one, will see it eventually.