Breaking Bad’s Last Two Eps Will Be 75 Minutes Each, and Ozmandias Gets a Perfect Score

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is going to go out with a bang. Well, there’s two left to be specific and they are both going to be 15 minutes longer than normal.

Peter Gould,one of the writers/producers/directors of the show tweets:

I call this good news. The more the better really. Given the standard they have already set there is no way this can be anything but good news.

Plus, we have this lovely poster for the finalé.

Breaking Bad Finale

All of this is via Deadline.

Last but not least, the third to last episode, Ozmandias, which aired this past Sunday has become the highest rated episode of any show on IMDB, scoring a perfect 10/10. As of this writing 22,843 people have voted and 21,914 of those have given the episode a 10 out of 10. I’ve never actually seen a 10/10 for an episode of anything before, but regardless it’s totally deserved. I have watched all of Breaking Bad in the last 3 months and Ozmandias is by far one of my favourites. True story, Rian Johnson has directed 3 episodes and 2 of those would be at the top of my top 5.

Thanks to Slashfilm for the heads up on this one.