Awesome: Djimon Hounsou Joins 7 Fast 7 Furious

Djimon Hounsou

You guys are aware of how much I enjoy the _Fast and Furious_ franchise and, especially after Furious 6, how much I’m looking forward to the 7th outing. And that outing just got a little more awesome, as Djimon Hounsou has signed on.


> Djimon Hounsou is set to join the cast of Universal’s “Fast & Furious

> The cast already includes Ronda Rousey, Kurt Russell and Jason Statham.

> Most of the franchise’s top talent are returning for “Fast & Furious 7,″ including Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, producer Neal H. Moritz and writer Chris Morgan, with James Wan directing.

> Moritz and Diesel return as producers.

> No plot details have been unveiled yet, except that the film will return to Los Angeles after the previous six films were set in other locations

Hounsou isn’t the kind of actor to make top billing, but he’s a solid performer and he’s consistently good in action movies. Good guy or bad, I’m glad he’s been cast.

This is shaping up to be pretty awesome.

And yes, it should totally be called 7 Fast 7 Furious. It’s not like it’s not already ridiculous.