Awesome: Ben Affleck to Direct New TV Pilot

Ben Affleck

Speaking of Ben Affleck, before he takes on Man of Steel 2, the man himself will go back to the directors chair. Good news is he’s directing the pilot for and executive producing a Boston set crime drama. Bad news is it’s for Fox.


> Though Ben Affleck is surely in training to put on the cape and cowl for his turn as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the upcoming ‘Batman Vs. Superman‘ movie, the Oscar-winning filmmaker has just lined up his next directorial assignment. The catch is it’s for the small screen, as he will be producing and helming the pilot for the new FOX show ‘The Middle Man.’

> Affleck will also serve as the show’s executive producer. A title also shared by showrunner Glenn Gordon Caron, who was previously behind ‘Medium’ and ‘Moonlighting.’ As Deadline reports, the show will be set in Boston (no surprise), and will follow “Rudy MacAteer, an FBI agent charged with taking down the Italian mafia, and his confidential informant, Irish-American gangster Mickey Flood. MacAteer’s efforts inadvertently give rise to the Irish mob, as he finds himself bending the laws he is governed by.”

Ok that sounds like a seriously good premise for a show. My problem is that in my head FOX is still the network that either cancels stuff too early or milks it to fucking death. Maybe they’re not, but they always will be to me. Because they are.