Alan Taylor to Direct Terminator 5

Alan Taylor

Speaking of _Thor: The Dark World_, looks like director Alan Taylor has a new gig lined up: _Terminator 5_.

From [Variety](

> After creating worlds filled with dragons and demi-gods, “Game of Thrones” and “Thor: The Dark World” helmer Alan Taylor looks ready to enter the world of cyborgs.

> Sources tell Variety that Taylor is in talks to direct the rebooted “Terminator” film for Skydance Productions, Paramount and Annapurna Pictures. All the studios and reps had no comment on the news.

> Plot details have not been revealed other than this is the first film in a stand alone trilogy. It is still unknown at this time what part Arnold Schwarzenegger will have in the film, though he has said in past interviews he will be back for the film.

Chalk this up as a win. You may not have heard of Alan Taylor because he hasn’t done many films but he has directed a lot of crazy good television (including 6 episodes of _Game of Thrones_, 9 of _The Sopranos_, 4 of _Mad Men_, and 7 of _Homicide: Life on the Street_). He hasn’t done a lot of SciFi before _Thor: The Dark World_, but a good director is a good director.

I really don’t know how I feel about this potentially being a reboot though. I don’t think Terminator needs to be rebooted. Then again, does anything need to be rebooted? Or remade? Or re-imagined? Or whatever buzzword we’re using this week?