Oldboy Redband Trailer

Oldboy 2013

Oldboy is considered by many to be a modern classic and with good reason. It’s a great film full of twists and turns as well as one of the most memorable fight scenes of the last 20 years, a brutal one vs. many single take fight in a narrow hallway.

As you may have heard it’s now been remade in Hollywood with Spike Lee at the helm. I’ve been wondering about it for some time and now there’s a red band trailer. Let’s watch!

I’m happy to say that it looks like the tone is right and that the cast look to be pretty incredible. Only time will tell if this works out –especially since this isn’t exactly the type of film I’dve pictured Spike Lee making– but it looks like all the right elements are there to make something good (including a few glimpses of a reimagined version of that fight scene I mentioned).

All in all I’m pretty sure my butt will be in a seat come October 25th.

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