More Signs From The World’s End Pub Crawl

The World's End

Remember we posted about the pub signs from the Newton Haven Golden Mile? Well, a bunch more have been released over the last little while, so here they are!

Via [Slashfilm]( The Good Companions
The World's End The Good Companions

Via [Twitchfilm]( The Trusty Servant
The World's End The Trusty Servant

Via [Collider]( The Two Headed Dog
The World's End The Two Headed Dog

Via [Ain’t It Cool News]( The Mermaid
The World's End The Mermaid

Via [FirstShowing]( The Beehive Free House
The World's End The Beehive

Via [MovieWeb]( The Kings Head
The World's End The Kings Head

Via [Badass Digest]( The Hole in the Wall
The World's End The Hole in the Wall

Did I mention how much better pub signs are in the UK than they are here in Canada?

If you’re keeping track, these 7 plus the previous 4 only make 11 pubs as well so look for the last one in the next little while.

What do you guys think of this campaign??

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