Awesome: Gravity One Shot Trailers and Poster


Remember the amazing long take sequences in _Children of Men_? It appears that director Alfonso Cuaron is going to give us more amazing single shot moments in his upcoming film Gravity. There’s two new trailers for the film now each of which is just one single shot from the movie and each of which is pretty much guaranteed to make you nauseous and want to see the film.

Let’s watch!



I don’t know about you, but that first scene alone (“Detached”) is enough to convince me to add this to my must see list. I love how both of these sell the premise and the level of tension and peril without actually spoiling any of the story. The perfect trailer, really. If nothing else, honestly, just look at it. It’s gorgeous!

Also, here’s the poster, because we hadn’t posted it yet. It’s beautiful and terrifying as well.


Gravity comes out 4th October