Michael Bay Reveals Another Transformer for Transformers 4

Transformers 4

Michael Bay has unveiled another new vehicle that’ll be starring in Transformers 4!

I know that Michael Bay’s Transformers movies have been mediocre at best but the twelve year old in me can’t help getting excited that they might get it right this time, and that’s wy these movies keep making money. So here’s another big rig that’ll be in the next one.

from [MichaelBay.com](http://michaelbay.com/2013/06/28/freightliner/) via [Slasfilm](http://www.slashfilm.com/new-transfomers-4-big-rig-teases-ultra-magnus-or-motormaster/):

Transformers Freightliner

As Slashfilm points out the two likely candidates are Ultra Magnus and Motormaster, but the colouring lends itself more to the Decepticon. Still, it’s a cool looking truck. Michael Bay is good at making things look good. In photos.