Review: Fast and Furious 6

Fast and Furious 6

The tagline for Fast and Furious 6 us _”All Roads Lead To This”_ and it’s actually pretty apt. I’m a fan of the series because I like watching fast cars but this is probably the first film where everything went right. In fact Furious 6 (as it’s called by it’s own title card) is likely the best film in the series.

Yeah, I’m saying that after 6 tries (or five, depending how you count) they’ve finally gotten the formula right and the movie is entertaining as hell from start to finish.

This isn’t to say the movie is objectively good by any stretch but a movie doesn’t need to necessarily be objectively _good_ to be solidly _entertaining_.

The film picks up near where the last one left off with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker and the rest of the crew in hiding around the world, living off the brazillions of dollars they stole in Fast 5 when The Rock shows up and asks for their help in tracking down and taking down another crew of precision drivers led by Luke Evans and featuring Michelle Rodriguez (who’s death in Fast and Furious set the plot in motion).

As soon as Vin Diesel’s Dom finds out that his presumed dead girlfriend is alive everyone comes together and the chase begins.

I’m not going to spoil any more of the plot for you but in all honesty I don’t really have to. There is very little which will surprise you here, ridght down to who is going to fight who at the big finale, who’s in danger and who’s not, and if you’re familiar with the rest of the franchise how this one might lead into the events of Tokyo Drift which takes place after Fast and Furious, Fast 5 and this one.

To be fair there is one surprise right at the end, but it’s not really a surprise if you’ve been paying attention to movie news and even if you haven’t been? As soon as it happens you’re going to think “well of course that’s what happened” and it’s made me actually excited to see Fast and Furious 7.

So what sets this apart from the rest of the series really? Basically that despite the plot being full of cliches and badly telegraphed turns, the part of the movie that take place between the car chases and explosions are actually kinda good. Sure, Vin Diesel is his usual self and so is Paul Walker, but Dwayne Johnson is still genuinely charismatic and fun to watch, his new partner Gina Carano has come a long way just since Haywire and also is a joy to watch fight, and Luke Evans is fun as the cool-as-ice-complete-opposite-of-Vin-Diesel bad guy a good bad guy for once.

For lack of a better analogy, Luke Evans is Vin Diesel’s Joker: his complete opposite both physically and philosophically. Now, that makes the movie sound objectively better than it is, but it’s still an apt description and that kind of interaction, the collision of opposites, is fun to watch.

There’s not a lot more I can say about this movie because there’s not a lot going on in it but basically if you want to go to the movies and have a good time? Furious 6 is a pretty safe bet.

Rating = 7/10

PS: The naming scheme for this franchise is all over the map, but this movie has a different name in it’s marketing (Fast and Furious 6) than it’s own title card (Furious 6). I personally prefer the latter but what I’m getting at is that after _The Fast and The Furious_, _2 Fast 2 Furious_, _The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift_, _Fast and Furious_, _Fast 5_ and _Furious 6_, what the hell are they going to call the 7th one?

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