New Star Trek Into Darkness IMAX Poster Is Slightly Spoilery

Star Trek Into Darkness

So there’s a new Star Trek Into Darkness poster and there’s two things to know.

1. It’s pretty damn cool looking
2. It’s kinda a little spoilery

See it after the jump.

I’m not going to say what it is but it is also revealed in the most recent trailer.

I’ll also say that it’s actually petty appropriate imagery for an IMAX poster, and it’s worth noting that this is only the fifth major studio release to be _filmed_ in IMaX and the first to be filmed in IMAX 3D, which is actually a pretty cool milestone.

If you want to be as spoiler free as possible, stop reading right now.




Don’t Say I didn’t warn you.



So it’s the Enterprise being chased by a what’s either a Star Fleet or Star Fleet inspired ship several times larger, presumably captained by Benedict Cumberbatchs John Harrison.

It is cool, it i feel like this ship would have been better revealed in the movie itself rather than in the promo material. Hopefully this means the movie has some even bigger twists and turns in store.

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