Rapturepalooza Red Band Trailer Looks Terrible

Rapturepalooza Ok this is bad.

There’s no other word for it. Oh, wait, there is: _god awful_. Ok that’s two words, sue me.

The basic set up of this film is that The Rapture has happened, Craig Robinson is the Anti-Christ, and Anna Kendrick is humanity’s best hope. That sounds like it could be amazing, but this trailer seems to indicate that the movie goes for every stupid joke it can and that none of them are funny.

And then Ken Jeong shows up at the end, clearly as God, which means we’ll have to put up with Ken Jeong being Ken Jeong. Which, in case you can’t tell, I’m tired of.

So basically, this movie sounds like it could have been amazing but looks like it’s going to be shite. Maybe it’s just a poorly made trailer though. Maybe.

Watch now and decide for yourself.