Awesome: Ouya to be Available at Retail in June for 99$ USD


Good news everyone! Ouya, the Kickstarter backed android powered hackers delight game console, is going to be sold at retail staring this June. So far the list includes Best Buy, Target, GameStop and Amazon. It’ll be 99$ and 49$ for an extra controller. The controller, in case you’re not aware, includes a touchpad in addition to analogue sticks, buttons and d-pad, which is pretty cool (although given the Android OS makes total sense).

Kickstarter backers and preorders will be fulfilled sooner (and preorders open up this week), so if you want to get one early there’s your chance.

There’s a lot to be said about the Ouya. Cheap and easy to mod and develop for, like I said above its a hackers delight. I think my favourite thing from the article is this quote though:

> **WSJ: What’s to stop other developers for using the controllers for other devices, like Apple TV?**

> UHRMAN: We are okay with that. One of the promises of being open is you can use what we build for other things. But you can create accessories and peripherals for our device as well. At the end of the day, it makes our ecosystem richer.

No matter what you think you gotta admit that’s a pretty refreshing outlook after dealing with companies like Microsoft and Sony and Apple.

[source: [the Wall Street journal]( via [polygon](]