Awesome: Bungie Unveils “Destiny” *UPDATE*


Bungie has finally drawn back the curtain on their first project since they left *Halo* behind them and sold their souls to Activision. *Destiny* seems to be an FPS MMO hybrid – a persistant sandbox galaxy that requires a mandatory internet connection. There won’t be subscription fees and they’ve been quick to pull away from the MMO connection, but the structure of the combat certainly sounds more like this genre than any other:

“Players love MMOs and open world games more for the emergent gameplay than the gameplay crafted by their designers. They remember the things that happened because players got together and did stuff, whether it be some dramatic boss fight at the end of an hour-long raid or the exploration of a cave discovered off the beaten track. Story lead Joe Staten expects Destiny will work in a similar way, with players building their “personal legend”.



It’s all a little vague still, with no gameplay or even screenshots to speak of. However, Bungie has certainly demonstrated in the past that they are able to single-handedly redefine online multiplayer, so they have the benefit of the doubt at this point.

Also, the concept art is *stunning*:

The beautiful Pike


Check it out at Eurogamer’s comprehensive write-up [here](



[The official *Destiny* website]( has released an [introductory video]( with a few snippits of gameplay and, more importantly, a sample of the new score by Marty O’Donnell. More excited now.

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