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Review: Uncharted – The Lost Legacy

Posted by Simon on October 04, 2017
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Truck? What truck?

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The Next Reality: Game Makers Design The Future

Posted by Simon on March 28, 2014
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A few years ago – and I wish I could find the link, but you’re going to have to trust me – Cliff Bleszinski (formerly of Epic Games and designer of Gears Of War) said that The Next Big Thing would be usable Virtual Reality headsets. He was emphatic, but is also known to be so, leading to his claim being categorised with so many other wild predictions from  industry professionals.

Except now it doesn’t sound so wild.

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Xbox One: Every Truth, Rumour and Fear

Posted by Simon on May 24, 2013
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It’s been a terrible week for Microsoft. The long-awaited reveal of their next-gen console turned out to be a damp squib of television focus and Hollywood courting. It really laid out their stall in no uncertain terms: they want the Xbone to be The Blockbuster Console for movies, TV, music and big-name games. There’s no denying that their sights are set firmly on the Call Of Duty and FIFA set, the kind of players who just want their Friend Lists to carry over into a game that’s the same but shinier. However, for the rest of us, that leaves a bad taste in our mouths. The Xbone, for all its Kinect functionality and instant switching, will likely not be the place to find a wide variety of titles that further push back the boundaries of this medium. With the ball now deep in Sony’s court, all eyes will be on June’s E3 to see if they can seal the deal with actual, real games on display.

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Podcast Episode Forty Two: Die Hard, Cloud Atlas, PlayStation 4

Posted by Matthew on February 22, 2013
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Awesome Froday1

We’re finally back! It’s been weeks since we have been ab;e to get together and record for you guys so we cover quite a bit in this episode. Die Hard 5, Cloud Atlas, the PlayStation 4 announcement, and a host of other topics. Get comfy folks, this is Awesome Friday!

As always we’d love your feedback so either shoot us an email, get ahold of us on twitter @posterboy81 for Matt and @manbiteswonders for Simon or just leave a comment below.

Thanks for listening!

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