Star Wars: The Force-Feeding Continues

Posted by Katherine on December 02, 2015
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I’ve been told that New Star Wars will finally wake up on December 18th. To be honest I actually had to ask Awesome Friday’s Matt when it comes out because I have Star Wars blindness. I’ve been muting commercials, and dead-eye scrolling through twitter feeds for months now.

I don’t like Star Wars.  I’ve never liked Star Wars.  And now that it has become inescapable, I downright loathe it.

But… Am I the only one? Continue reading…

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Awesome: Please Let Today’s Star Wars Rumour Be True

Posted by Simon on February 07, 2013
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Oh, man. There seems to be a new Star Wars rumour every day – this week alone has suggested origin movies for Han Solo and Yoda – but today’s is so good that I’m just praying that this one turns out to be true.

An Australian radio show is quoting a reliable source that insists the main baddie in JJ Abrams’ new Star Wars will definitely be…John Noble, AKA Walter Bishop from Fringe.

This guy

This guy

If you’ve seen him as the evil alternate Walter or his character in Lord Of The Rings then you’ll know how deliciously evil he can be without turning his character into a pantomime stereotype. Exactly what Episode VII needs. So, while I’m pretty sure that 99.999% of all the current Star Wars rumours will prove to be completely false, I’m hoping against hope that this one happens.

Via io9

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