2016 Academy Awards Liveblog

Posted by Matthew on February 28, 2016
Live Blog


Is the 88th Annual Academy Awards, and the 5th Annual Awesome Friday Oscars Liveblog! Newer updates are at the top!

Winners so Far: (y or n for my predictions)

  • Best Original Screenplay: Spotlight (y)
  • Best Adapted Screenplay: The Big Short (y)
  • Best Supporting Actress: Alicia Vikander (n)
  • Best Costume Design: Mad Max (n)
  • Best Makeup and Hairstyling: Mad Max (y)
  • Best Production Design: Mad Max (y)
  • Best Cinematography: Emmanuel Lubezki (y)
  • Best Editing: Mad Max (y)
  • Best Sound Editing: Mad Max (y)
  • Best Sound Mixing: Mad Max (y)
  • Best Visual Effects: Ex Machina (n)
  • Best Animated Short: Bear Story (-)
  • Best Animated Feature: Inside Out (y)
  • Best Supporting Actor: Mark Rylance (n)
  • Best Documentary Short: A Girl in the River (-)
  • Best Documentary Feature: Amy (y)
  • Best Live Action Short: Stutterer (-)
  • Best Foreign Language Film: Son of Saul (-)
  • Best Original Score: Ennio Morricone (y)
  • Best Original Song: The Writing’s On The Wall (n)
  • Best Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu (y)
  • Best Actress: Brie Larson (y)
  • Best Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio (y)
  • Best Picture: Spotlight (n)
Matthew 28 February 201617:24

tap tap tap

Matthew 28 February 201617:25

This thing appears to be on, hooray!

Matthew 28 February 201617:28

The Oscars start in just a few minutes folks and we’re settling in. The red carpet has been .. a thing.

Matthew 28 February 201617:31

Ok let’s do this.

Simon 28 February 201617:31

Excited for another year of rich people giving their friend golden statues. Though I am going to be a bit one-note this year. MAD MAX MAD MAX MAD MAX

Matthew 28 February 201617:32

Opening montage of all the films this year. really hammering home that it was a great year for film. Also they showed clips from 50 Shades of Grey.

Matthew 28 February 201617:33

And they’re using some of the dialogue from Creed, one best films of the year that wasn’t nominated for best picture.

Simon 28 February 201617:33

Nice splash reel of all the shiny movies, and Mad Max.

Matthew 28 February 201617:34

“There were at least 15 black people in that montage.” Yup, it’s gonna be that kinda night with Chris Rock. This is not a complaint.

Matthew 28 February 201617:36

“Why didn’t black people protest the all white nominees years of the oscars in the past? because in the 60s we had real things to protest.”

Matthew 28 February 201617:37

“Jada boycotting the oscars is like me boycotting Rhiannas panties: I wasn’t invited.”

Matthew 28 February 201617:37

Chris Rock is Chris Rock alright.

Simon 28 February 201617:37

Chris Rock on form!

Matthew 28 February 201617:39

“The in memoriam package will just be photos of black people shot by cops on their way to the movies.” Chris Rock FTW.

Matthew 28 February 201617:44

So Chris Rock nailed it. Will have to youtube that later.

Matthew 28 February 201617:44

On to the awards.

Matthew 28 February 201617:45

Best Original Screenplay is up first. I am hoping for Alex Garland.

Matthew 28 February 201617:47

It would be pretty great it Inside Out took the original screenplay award.

Matthew 28 February 201617:47


Matthew 28 February 201617:47

Well I am 1 for 1 on my “will win” list.

Matthew 28 February 201617:49

Best adapted now.

Matthew 28 February 201617:49

Pretty sure that Ryan Gosling just made a The Revenant joke.

Matthew 28 February 201617:50

Ryan Gosling killing it.

Simon 28 February 201617:51

I’m pausing as a) I haven’t seen these movies and b) Matt’s lovely fiancee has just placed a plate of enchaladas in front of me and they’re delicious

Simon 28 February 201617:52

Wait, I saw The Martian! Enjoyed it.

Matthew 28 February 201617:52

The Big Short!

Matthew 28 February 201617:52

I am two for two on my “Will Win” predictions.

Matthew 28 February 201617:54

We can now say “academy award winning director of Step Brothers Adam McKay”

Matthew 28 February 201618:00

oscarssowhite really is the theme of the night alright. Perfect.

Matthew 28 February 201618:02

What the fuck just happened with that Stacy Dash thing?

Matthew 28 February 201618:04

Sam Smith is singing his song that, for some reason, is up for best song.

Matthew 28 February 201618:04

Was there only 5 songs this year? Is that it?

Simon 28 February 201618:04

OK. Delicious food consumed. Now Sam Smith is singing a Bond theme that is somewhere south of being as good as Skyfall.

Simon 28 February 201618:05

Yeah, no.

Simon 28 February 201618:06

To be fair, though, that’s exactly how I sound when I sing Karaoke too.

Matthew 28 February 201618:07

Henry Cavill has the squarest of all jaws.

Simon 28 February 201618:08

Henry Cavill is a very handsome man. Well, he’s English, so obviously he is. Like we all are. Yep.

Matthew 28 February 201618:09

Best Supporting Actress is up next. JK Simmons is here to present.

Simon 28 February 201618:10

I really want Alicia Vikander to win but Jennifer Jason Leigh was stunning in The Hateful 8.

Matthew 28 February 201618:10

truefact, JK Simmons is the voice of the peanut m&m and has been since the mid 90s.

Matthew 28 February 201618:11

It’s a crowded field.

Simon 28 February 201618:12


Matthew 28 February 201618:12

Holy shit Alicia Vikander!

Simon 28 February 201618:12

And she looks AMAZING

Matthew 28 February 201618:13

I’m 2 for 3! Not a complaint!

Matthew 28 February 201618:13

Alicia Vikander sure had a busy year of great parts.

Simon 28 February 201618:14

Well, that’s made my night. She’s an amazing actress.

Matthew 28 February 201618:15

Side note: They’re being fucking ruthless playing people off so far. I don’t think anyone has gotten to say all their thank yous

Matthew 28 February 201618:16

I can’t recall hearing Alicia Vikander’s name before Ex Machina, which came out 11 months ago. She just won an Oscar. Talk about your big years.

Matthew 28 February 201618:18

Costume Design time.

Matthew 28 February 201618:19

I do really like how every year they really step up the “this technical awards means more than you think it does” thing. I expect a full song and dance number next year.

Simon 28 February 201618:20

Mad Max please!

Simon 28 February 201618:20


Matthew 28 February 201618:20

Mad Max picks up the first of the technical awards it’s going to win tonight. It’s going to win all of them tonight.

Simon 28 February 201618:20

So good to hear the soundtrack with the strings.

Matthew 28 February 201618:22

I know the oscars run long every year, but jesus stop with the playing people off.

Simon 28 February 201618:22

“I want to say something serious now…”

Simon 28 February 201618:23


Matthew 28 February 201618:23

The Production Designers of Mad Max: Fury Road are awaited in Valhalla!

Simon 28 February 201618:23


Matthew 28 February 201618:24


Matthew 28 February 201618:24

Also, it’s fucking amazing that they keep playing Brothers in Arms.

Matthew 28 February 201618:25

I thought that Cinderella would win best costume design, so that makes me 3 for 5!

Simon 28 February 201618:25

Margot Robbie!

And Jared Leto.
Matthew 28 February 201618:26

Makeup and hairstyling now. Mad Max?

Simon 28 February 201618:26

Make-up. Mad Max. Come on,

Matthew 28 February 201618:26

Mad Max is 3 for 3!

Simon 28 February 201618:27

And another for Mad Max! Amazing!

Simon 28 February 201618:29

I haven’t seen The Revenant yet. Apparently it was a difficult film to make.

Simon 28 February 201618:30


Simon 28 February 201618:31

There is not a single bad or wasted frame in that movie.

Simon 28 February 201618:36

Cinematography now.

Simon 28 February 201618:36


Simon 28 February 201618:36


Simon 28 February 201618:38

Urgh. The Revenant. Should have been Mad Max, although this guy also won for Gravity, which was amazingly shot.

Matthew 28 February 201618:38

Well, Lubeski just set a record I believe. 3rd straight win for cinematography.

Matthew 28 February 201618:39

Mad Max is 3 for 4! My predictions are 5 for 7! WOO!

Simon 28 February 201618:39

Editing. Mad Max?

Simon 28 February 201618:40

YES! Mad Max for editing! It’s a masterclass in pacing, after all.

Matthew 28 February 201618:41


Matthew 28 February 201618:41

No I’m not going to stop making that joke.

Matthew 28 February 201618:41

The orchestra is ruthless.

Simon 28 February 201618:42

They should start playing people out with the Benny Hill theme, if they’re going to be this intrusive with it.

Matthew 28 February 201618:47

Black History month bit where they feature Jack Black. Heh.

Matthew 28 February 201618:47

Shane Black next, right?

Simon 28 February 201618:48

Sound Editing now. Mad Max!

Simon 28 February 201618:48


Matthew 28 February 201618:48

The sound editing montages are actually very cool

Matthew 28 February 201618:49


Simon 28 February 201618:49

YES!. YES YES YES! How many is that for Mad Max now?

Matthew 28 February 201618:51

5 awards for Mad Max so far (6 noms)!

Simon 28 February 201618:51

Sound Mixing. Mad Max?

Matthew 28 February 201618:51

Damn the mixing montages are great, too.

Simon 28 February 201618:52

Another one! Wonderful!

Matthew 28 February 201618:52


Simon 28 February 201618:52

I am so happy that Mad Max is sweeping this, in case that wasn’t perfectly bloody obvious.

Simon 28 February 201618:55

And now here’s the amazingly talent capture artist but massively overrated in other areas Andy Serkis.

Matthew 28 February 201618:55

Visual Effects.

Simon 28 February 201618:55

Visual Effects. Mad Max?

Simon 28 February 201618:56

Come on

Simon 28 February 201618:56

Ex Machina! Totally deserved, great movie and the effects are staggeringly good.

Matthew 28 February 201618:57

Ex Machina totally deserves the visual effects win!

Matthew 28 February 201618:57

Once again happy to be wrong!

Simon 28 February 201618:57

The best thing about Ex Machina’s effects is that they are totally non-intrusive. It all looks real.

Matthew 28 February 201619:00

C-3P0, R2-D2, and BB-9 are on stage.

Matthew 28 February 201619:00

10 year old me is pretty excited.

Simon 28 February 201619:00

BB-8 is nothing short of a miraculous piece of tech.

Matthew 28 February 201619:00

35 year old me is so tired of these guys.

Matthew 28 February 201619:01

Seriously though, BB-8 is a pretty amazing. I want one.

Simon 28 February 201619:01

I’m at a weird stage where I want all the old Star Wars characters to stay in the past now.

Matthew 28 February 201619:01

Also, has any part of star wars openly acknowledged the “droids are slaves” thing?

Simon 28 February 201619:02

More BB-8, Rey, Poe, Finn, new characters, situations, locations, stories. That’s what I want. SO MUCH POTENTIAL. No more planet-sized space stations with a single weakness.

Simon 28 February 201619:04

My son hasn’t seen any Star Wars and Rey is one of his favourite characters. He thinks she’s amazing. He couldn’t work out why she got one month in this year’s calender and Kylo Ren got four. And, to be honest, neither could I.

Matthew 28 February 201619:06

Spoiler alert, it’s because everyone loves star wars bad guys.

Matthew 28 February 201619:09

I haven’t seen any of the animated shorts soooooo yay Bear Story!

Matthew 28 February 201619:10

Best Animated Feature time!

Matthew 28 February 201619:12

Fuck yeah Inside Out!

Simon 28 February 201619:13

Really want to see Inside Out. I like the message.

Matthew 28 February 201619:22

Kate Winslet is wearing glasses. I kinda dig it.

Matthew 28 February 201619:26

This bit about “black people don’t know what the best picture nominees are” is as good a time as any to once again point out Creed should be on the list.

Matthew 28 February 201619:28

Here comes Patricia Arquette to give the award for best supporting actor. Aka the award Sly Stallone should win.

Simon 28 February 201619:29

It would be quite funny for Stallone to win. An Oscar. For acting. Acting.

Matthew 28 February 201619:32

Well. There’s my first shock of the night.

Simon 28 February 201619:33

Spielberg is the best living director. He’s our generation’s true artist.

Matthew 28 February 201619:37

Just to be clear, Mark Rylance was fantastic in Bridge of Spies, but I really thought that Stallone would take it.

Simon 28 February 201619:39

I love Louis CK. If you ever wonder to yourself what the horrors and wonders of parenthood are really like, listen to his standup. 100% accurate.

Simon 28 February 201619:40

Elyse agrees. Hi, Elyse!

Simon 28 February 201619:41

Good God, stop fucking playing people off so harshly. Jesus.

Matthew 28 February 201619:41

Based on all the times that Iñnáritu has looked sour when his film didn’t win, they should have cut to him when Louis CK made that Mad Max joke.

Matthew 28 February 201619:42

Best documentary feature time.

Simon 28 February 201619:42

Dev Patel looks so different now!

Matthew 28 February 201619:43

Of course Amy won.

Simon 28 February 201619:43

These all look like documentaries that I need to watch.

Matthew 28 February 201619:44

The Look of Silence is an important film. Shame.

Simon 28 February 201619:45

That little kid who was obsessed with finding his mark? That’s me. On every set.

Matthew 28 February 201619:48

I’m 10 for 14 with my predictions so far. Not bad!

Simon 28 February 201619:53

Come on, let’s get with the last few awards now.

Simon 28 February 201619:55

Dave Grohl time. Bowie song, maybe?

Matthew 28 February 201619:56

Beatles, obviously.

Simon 28 February 201619:57

Gah, Alan Rickman. Balls.

Matthew 28 February 201619:59

The silence during the in memoriam is the right way to do things.

Simon 28 February 201620:05

Best Live Action Short goes to Stutterer.

Simon 28 February 201620:07

Holy shit Sofia Valgara.

Simon 28 February 201620:07

And her two friends.

Simon 28 February 201620:08

I love her accent, but I love my Colombian students’ impression of her accent even more.

Matthew 28 February 201620:08

I haven’t seen any of the foreign language nominees this year, but I don’t know anyone who saw Son of Saul who didn’t think it was one of the best films of 2015.

Simon 28 February 201620:10

Joe Biden’s here! Bud Lights for everyone!

Simon 28 February 201620:11

Fuck yeah Biden. I like you,

Simon 28 February 201620:15

Lady Gaga was always an amazing singer and musician, but nobody cared until she adopted her Gaga persona. There’s a message there somewhere.

Simon 28 February 201620:16

Powerful stuff.

Simon 28 February 201620:21

Best Score should be Mad Max, but for some reason it’s not even nominated.

Simon 28 February 201620:22

Not a standout Star Wars score.

Matthew 28 February 201620:22

Ennio Morricone!

Simon 28 February 201620:23

Yay, Morricone’s score for Hateful 8 was fantastic. Great film, actually.

Simon 28 February 201620:24

Don’t. Play. Off. Morricone.

Simon 28 February 201620:25

What a sweet speech. Fantastic.

Matthew 28 February 201620:27

As long as Sam Smith doesn’t win

Matthew 28 February 201620:27


Simon 28 February 201620:27

Bah. Sam Smith wins for his Spectre song.

Simon 28 February 201620:27


Simon 28 February 201620:28

Wait, hasn’t Tom Cruise won an Oscar?

Simon 28 February 201620:28

Oh, openly gay. Right.

Simon 28 February 201620:29

Good holy Jesus. Olivia Wilde is a real life Greek goddess.

Simon 28 February 201620:37

Best Director now. COME ON GEORGE MILLER.

Simon 28 February 201620:38

Ah, fuck it. No fucking way. Inarritu for The Reverent.

Simon 28 February 201620:38

So Mad Max for Best Picture then?

Simon 28 February 201620:39

If there’s any justice.

Matthew 28 February 201620:39

I guessed right that Alejandro González Iñárritu would win. I was hoping I’d be wrong.

Simon 28 February 201620:39

They’re playing off Best Director???

Simon 28 February 201620:40

I like how they just gave up and stopped the music.

Matthew 28 February 201620:43

Iñárritu ignoring the music to keep talking is exactly what i would expect from Iñarritu.

Matthew 28 February 201620:43

Consolation: Mad Max will have more Oscars than The Revenant. Or any other film this year.

Simon 28 February 201620:44

Oh man. Eddie Redmayne is not an actor I rush to watch.

Simon 28 February 201620:45

I’d love Brie Larson to win Best Actress.

Matthew 28 February 201620:47

Sidenote: How conflicted must Tom Hardy feel?

Simon 28 February 201620:47

Brie Larson! Wonderful!

Matthew 28 February 201620:48

Brie Larson stars in the least shocking win of the night.

Matthew 28 February 201620:48

She totally deserved this.

Simon 28 February 201620:49


Simon 28 February 201620:52

Best Actor. Hmm. I wonder.

Simon 28 February 201620:52

The Internet will go fucking crazy if Leo doesn’t win.

Simon 28 February 201620:55

Finally! Good work, Leo.

Simon 28 February 201620:56

Play him off!

Matthew 28 February 201620:56

Hooray! No Leonardo DiCaprio can do something fun.

Simon 28 February 201620:58

Fair enough, good speech.

Simon 28 February 201620:59


Simon 28 February 201620:59


Simon 28 February 201621:00


Simon 28 February 201621:00


Simon 28 February 201621:02

I have not seen Spotlight, but Mad Max is the best movie of 2015.

Simon 28 February 201621:03

Even Morgan Freeman couldn’t hide his surprise with that one.

Simon 28 February 201621:04

The back of Rachel McAdams’ dress should win something.

Simon 28 February 201621:06

Well, Spotlight winning Best Movie is going to be the thing everyone talks about tomorrow. Need to see it to join in the disbelief. I’ve heard it’s good, but Mad Max good? Nope.

Simon 28 February 201621:06

Or, at least, I doubt it.

Matthew 28 February 201621:07

Soon that was a thing.

Matthew 28 February 201621:07

Thoughts from tonight

Matthew 28 February 201621:07

Spotlight won, yay!

Simon 28 February 201621:07

Well, that’s another Oscars. Thanks for sticking with us. Now I’m going to watch the best movie of 2015, Mad Max: Fury Road. Goodnight!

Matthew 28 February 201621:08

Creed wasn’t nominated? What the fuck.

Matthew 28 February 201621:08

Stallone was robbed. Miller was robbed.

Matthew 28 February 201621:08

that’s about it, really.

Matthew 28 February 201621:08

Until next time!

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